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Mageia status

September 15, 2013

The astronomy package stsci python has changed the way that they are distributing their systems, and instead of putting this into one big package, it is spliting everything up into pointers to the small python libraries.  I broke everything up into little pieces over the last week.

My two big projects (i.e. what will eat up my time for the next two to three months) right now are:

1) trying to get a virtual image of Mageia.  This is important for two reasons.  First we need virtual images in order to do computation for rackspace.  The second thing is that people will want to be able to preview my astronomy work on their Macs and this requires making it easy for people to preview Mageia on their Macintoshes

2) trying to get the starlink astronomy libraries into Mageia.  The good news is that the starlink people have put in a lot of work trying to get their distribution to build with (almost) standard gnu tools.   Trying to adapt the build system to something that can be incorporating into a standard linux build is something that is now within the realm of possibility.

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