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October 7, 2013

The three main projects that I’ve been working on are

  • Astronomy packaging for Mageia
  • Getting openstack working on Mageia and setting it up for science

As far as astronomy packaging goes, I’ve got most of the ESO scisoft packages working in Mageia 4.  The only packages that I haven’t been able to package yet are those that have some dependence on QT3, which isn’t available in Mageia 4.  There are also some NRAO packages that I can’t get to right now, because of the US government shutdown.  I’ve got starlink running on my local machine, but because it’s such a huge package, I’m not comfortable putting it into Mageia 4 immediately, and I’d like to wait a month or so to see if I can slim it down a bit.  However, all of the prerequisites for Starlink are already in Mageia 4.

For openstack, I’ve gotten Mageia working, so the next step which will take about a week or so is to do a “hello world” using quantlib.


  • See if there are any other quick fix packages I can get into Mageia 4 before version freeze
  • Start working on a Macintosh appliance
  • Get Quantlib/openstack hello world

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