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It’s alive. I got the R interface to OpenGamma working

May 6, 2014

I got the R interface to OpenGamma working on my linux box.  It’s very rough, but it is sending messages back and forth.  I’ll spend another two weeks getting all of the bits working with each other and do a 0.0.3 release of bittrader.  This will have the R interface and the new Metro UI.

The schedule afterwards is

0.0.4 –

* Attach system to bitcoin data

0.0.5 –

* Get alerts working through the bitcoin interface.



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  1. Which market data are you going to support in 0.0.4?

    • I’m going to write a connector using XChange to get live data from bitcoin. I’ll look for some historical archive of bitcoin information too.

      Once I get everything to work, the next step will be go interface everything with Interactive Brokers.

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