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Uploaded algobroker to pypi

August 31, 2015

I’ve uploaded algobroker up to pypi.  It now does pretty has a quoter that pulls quotes from yahoo and then broadcasts them.  There is an “alert” strategy that checks to see if the quotes are within limits and if not, it send out a message to the brokers.  The brokers don’t execute any orders, but it just sends out an SMS message saying that the limits have been hit.

So what I have to do next is:

  • put in logging messages
  • add in a “control” port that can change the behavior of the scripts while they are running.  In particular right now I have the keys in a local file.  It would be good to change the system so that you send in the keys by a message after the server has started up
  • refactor everything to use base classes
  • hook it up with bitcoin trading

The key technology that makes this all possible is zeromq.  Zeromq makes it possible to split up the system into autonomous items.  Once you have easy message passing, then you just have a script that takes input processes it, and then spits out output.

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