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How to hire me.

February 16, 2017

One thing that I’m finding funny and sad is that you have all of these companies that are looking talking about innovation and disruption, but no one is willing to be that innovative or disruptive when it comes to corporate structure or hiring practices.

I’m basically looking for one of two types of jobs.  One type of job is part time contract work, and for this sort of thing I’m willing to work amazingly cheap.  Pay me a USD 500/month for part time work, and I’m yours.  The catch is that it has to be part time, and I have to have the freedom to do other things.

At the other end of the scale, I would be willing to work full time if you paid me a ton of money, and gave me a team or a budget.  For this sort of thing, nothing less than managing director level would work, and I’ve told recruiters that if someone wants me to work full time for anything less than USD 200k/year, there’s no point in even having the conversation, and I’m likely to want even more money.

The trouble is that the jobs on offer are neither fish nor fowl.  They don’t give me the freedom to do new stuff with minimal amounts of money, nor do they give the the power or authority to compensate for the fact that I’m being locked up in an office in Central.  What’s really funny is that I hear all the time about companies not being able to find people that do blockchain in Hong Kong.  I’m here.

There are two reasons for this.  First of all, I’m getting old.  When I was 20, yes I’d be willing to spend a decade working as a corporate drone doing something I really didn’t want to do with the hope that I’d put in my dues, and do what I really want to do later.  The trouble is that I’m getting close to 50.  I’ve already put in my dues, and the clock is starting to run out.  I can put in a “year of hell”, but I can’t put in a decade of hell or five years of hell, because I’m running out of time to get the stuff that I want to do on this planet.

When I was 20, I looked at the professors who were aged 50, and wondered how they got from 20 to 50, and what is going to be like for me.  The most surprising thing that I found was that I expected that as I got older, I’d change, but the scary thing was how little I changed.  At my core, I’m basically the same person that I was at age 20, but you end up acting differently because you are the same person in a different body that’s learned a few things.

Second, it just doesn’t make business sense.  The business value that you get from me is that I can come up with new ideas and make new connections.  If you lock me in an office in Central, I’m not seeing new things and connecting new people, and so that means that I’m going to come up with the same ideas and make the same mistakes.

So that’s what I’m looking for.  If you want to hire me, the easiest way is to go to Guidepoint and tell them that you want me as a consultant.  Also my resume is on file with most of the recruiters in Hong Kong.  You can also drop me an e-mail.

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