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Not being able to register for fintech/blockchain conferences because I do fintech/blockchain

November 10, 2018

OK. I have a reputation for being grumpy.  Let me explain why.

I’m trying to attend a blockchain conference (it actually doesn’t matter which one.)

Unfortunately, they only take eventbrite/paypal.  It turns out that I do not have a Hong Kong credit card, because all the banks canceled my personal accounts because I do bitcoin.  I do have a US bank account and debit card, but paypal can’t deal with the concept of a HK resident with a US bank account.

Also while I’m doing this, google realizes that I’m interested in fintech, so I get all these ads from banks talking about the stuff they are doing with fintech, and these happen to exactly the same banks that won’t open accounts for me.  It’s really annoying to get an ad, that makes you angry, and having no way of writing back “this ad makes me even more angry, so please stop sending them.”

So I’m spending two or three hours trying to get blockchain.  So when I start going to the conferences and dealing with VC’s and blockchain people, I’m often in a really bad mood.  Having people talk about the wonderful future sometime gets annoying when you talk about the annoying present.

Also the main goal of customer service in that situation is to “deflect anger.”  It turns out that I know why the systems are they way they are.  I can tell you how the payment systems work, so explaining the system doesn’t help.

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