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Monitoring Beijing – Umbrella Revolution

This page is my monitoring news from Mainland China sources and leftist CCP sources.  To try to figure out what is going on.  One purpose of this is to provide some sort of “early warning” if the situation in Beijing goes bad.


Right now it looks to me that there is some sort of disagreement in the CCP.  You have this speech by Xi Jinping on 10/1

In it he talks about the importance of One Country, Two systems and also talks about the importance of “the sons and daughters of China”.  The speech was made at a 10/1 event in which Jiang and Hu and all of the old leaders was present.

The interesting thing about this speech was that it was *NOT* mentioned in People’s Daily, CCTV, or Xinhua.  Also Wenweipo mentioned it very briefly but it has also disappeared.  Takungpao significantly mentions no other news about Occupy.

Wenweipo is taking a very anti-Occupy stance and is focusing on economic damage.  Xinhua and PD are not mentioning Occupy much, but are also emphasizing economic damage.  Significantly, none of the articles mentions anyone by name and seem to have been written by low level functionaries.

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