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Here are some whiteboard links….
I used that small script in order to make mageia 2 tests previsouly when
I was building Firewall automatically:

qemu-img create -f qcow2 /users/qemu/test-mageia-2-

i386.qemu 7G
qemu-kvm \
-m 1024 \
-kernel /pub/mageia/distrib/2/i586/isolinux/alt0/vmlinuz \
-initrd /pub/mageia/distrib/2/i586/isolinux/alt0/all.rdz \
-append “ramdisk_size=128000 root=/dev/ram3 kickstart= automatic=method:http,server:,directory:/pub/mageia/distrib/2/i586,network:dhcp” \
-drive file=/users/qemu/test-mageia-2-i386.qemu,if=virtio,media=disk \
-redir tcp:2200: a local mirror of Mageia on /pub/mageia and the auto_inst file I
commented on can then easily connect locally to your QEMU VM by using
ssh -p 2200 root@localhost e.g.

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